Radionics and Radiesthesia

Oceana Lowry

Oceana Lowry is a practitioner of radionics and radiesthesia and lectures widely on the importance of the subtle body energies and the power of mind and emotions and color to manifest one's destiny. Her works specialize in color, chromotherapy, and sound, chromosonics™, as they relate to the etheric life force vibration of the natural world of plants, trees, soils, pets, and people.

Radionics addresses the vibrational measurement of energy found in all things, visible and invisible. This powerful force, similar to a radio wave, can be directed to subtle etheric bodies. Everything has its own unique frequency wave that is measured using radiesthesia.

She is founder of the Esoteric Institute of Hidden Mysteries in Albuquerque, NM and is currently developing an experimental growing farm in Escondida, NM which is dedicated to the organic growing and protection of the native New Mexican plants and herbs in order to preserve traditional NM folk medicines.

Contact Information

Oceana's New Mexico Trading Co.
P. O. Box 7807
Albuquerque, NM 87194

Aquarian Systems Publishers
P.O. Box 575
Placitas, NM 87041

(505) 243-3232